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Dog Eat Dog is an American black comedy thriller based on the book by legendary ex-con Edward Bunker. A crew of ex-cons are hired by a Cleveland mafioso to kidnap the baby of a rival mobster. Directed by Paul Schrader, Starring Nicholas Cage and Willem Dafoe, the film was the closing entry for the Director's Fortnight section at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. The film was produced by Mark Earl Burman of ADME Studios.

South Bureau Homicide chronicles the present day dynamic forged between the community’s residents and LAPD's homicide detectives dedicated to helping an epicenter of homicidal violence heal. The film is an Official Selection of the 2015 St. Louis International Film Festival where it made its world premiere. The project represents the feature directorial debut for its co-Directors, veteran producer Mark Earl Burman and Mike Cooley.


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From the start the movie grabs you by the lapels and keeps moving, never lagging,never dull.

-Indie Wire's Anne Thompson

 Dog Eat Dog: Cannes Review | A thoroughly disreputable, sordid and engaging crime drama.

 -The Hollywoos Reporter's Todd McCarthy

Dog Eat Dog is a lurid gift from Cleveland to the Cannes Film Festival - Scott Suttell Crains Cleveland Busines

-Crain's Cleveland Business's Scott Suttell

The Guardian raves about the film, which is based on a cult novel by Ed Bunker. It says Dog Eat Dog is Schrader’s “best film in years” and that Dafoe, in particular, is “magnificently needy.”

Stylistically, Dog Eat Dog is eclectic, “with scenes in various manners jumbling up together,” The Guardian says. “They have dialogue scenes which go nowhere, hotel room encounters which go the same way. Plot strands are left dangling; but Schrader carries it off. He still has flair.”

-The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw



Who we are

ADME Studios is an independent production and financing company specializing in dark, visceral, filmmaking, and bold documentary work. Spearheaded by veteran producer Mark Earl Burman, ADME is rising quickly through the ranks of independent cinema. In 2016, ADME Studios produced the feature film, Dog Eat Dog, starring Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe, directed by Paul Schrader. The film premiered closing night at Cannes Film Festival. The company also produced the acclaimed documentary South Bureau Homicide that premiered at St. Louis International Film Festival, focusing on the relationship between South LA residents and LAPD's Criminal Gang Homicide Division. ADME is currently developing multiple upcoming feature films and documentaries. With offices located in Los Angeles, and now, Savannah, ADME is poised to lead the charge in independent filmmaking and content creation.



Mark Earl Burman

Mark Earl Burman is the founder and CEO of LA-based production company, ADME Studios. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mark has produced over 33 films throughout phis 25-year career as a producer, writer and director. He began his career as an assistant to Norman Lear, the producer of All in the Familyand The Jeffersons. He also worked as an assistant on the television show, Cheers,where he learned the fundamentalsof the craft. Most recently, Mark produced the feature film, Dog Eat Dog, starring Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe, directed by Paul Schrader. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on the prestigious, Director’s Fortnight. Shortly after, he directed the acclaimed documentary, South Bureau Homicide,that premiered at the St. Louis International Film Festival. The documentary focuses on the relationship between South LA residents and LAPD's Criminal Gang Homicide Division. 

In addition to his success in the motion picture industry, Mark is a community leader with a passion for charity and civic duty. From 2008 to present, Mark serves as an LA County Commissioner on the Los Angeles County Board of Local Governmental Services. From 2013 to 2016 he held the position of chairman.Mark is currently on the board of directors for the charity, A New Way of Life, serving as treasurer. Started in 1998 by Susan Burton, ANWOL is dedicated to helping women, families, and communities heal from the life-altering experiences of incarceration. Prior to holding this position, Mark served on the board of directors for charities such as School on Wheels, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Foundation After-School All-Stars, and the corporate advisory committee for LACMA.

As a lifelong cinema aficionado, Mark continues to be a student of the art of filmmaking, constantly striving to hone his craft by studying the motion pictures of Hollywood’s greatest filmmakers. The films that have influenced him the most are Lawrence of ArabiaApocalypse Now, and The Seven Samurai. In his limited free time, Mark enjoys travel and adventure, having been to over 40 countries. Whether he’s living with the local tribes of Papua New Guinea, crossing the Australian Outback by camel, or embedding with African Union in Mogadishu, it is clear that Mark is not short on culture and experience.He is also a devout fan of Formula One racing and a fan of Scuderia Ferrari. With his eyes on the horizon, Mark strives for excellence in the creation of great motion pictures that redefine the genre of dramatic action cinema.